Ensuring the high availability of your transaction and self-service systems ...

... at every stage of their product life cycle.


For over 25 years, Odéolis has been providing business support for the most demanding vendors and system suppliers in developing and managing system life cycles for transaction and self-service systems.

Our mission :

Improving your long-term competitiveness by:

  • Guaranteeing user satisfaction
  • Guaranteeing a high availability for your systems
  • Fast-tracking the development of added-value services

Our Strengths:

  • Unique expertise in restoring service within short timeframes,
  • Consistent service quality across the service area,
  • Controlling our own key resources: technicians, technical experts, logistics, repair services.

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Key Figures


10 millions users supported

75.000 sales points serviced

300.000 systems supported

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Odéolis - Vendor & System Supplier

Join the inner circle of the most demanding companies

We understand your business needs and provide the tools that match your ambitions:

  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Innovative, flexible services
  • Reliability of services for all systems in operation
  • Management and optimisation of financial performance

Over the years, our services have been used by some of the most prestigious system vendors and suppliers; companies that continue to place their trust in our expertise today.


Self-service parcel delivery

InPost offers clients a new 24/7 self-service parcel delivery service. This innovative company provides,a European-wide Click & Collect service through a network of 16,000 distributors.

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Gaming and betting terminals leader

Part of the Safran group specializing in advanced technologies, MORPHO distributes integrated gaming and betting systems in over 100 countries, generating €1.5 billion turnover. In France, the company supplies a large portion of the PMU network of bookmakers.

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Leading distributor in southern Europe

Logista France(formerly Seita / Altadis) is the leading market player in convenience stores in France, with more than 10,000 tobacco-newspapers sales points (STRATOR sales terminals).

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PMC (Pari Mutuel Computing)

Industry leader for Tote betting terminals

PMC is a global market leader for Tote betting system solutions, with over 70,000 terminals. Amongst the company's clients in France is PMU, the nation's largest horseracing bookmaker.

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Innovative terminal solutions for POS

BIMEDIA (Buralog) provides sales support tools for tobacco-newspapers sales point and bookshops. It has installed over 6,000 cash registers and 6,850 screens onsite for its 5,600 clients, helping them "sell more and sell better."

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By joining AVERE Odéolis mark his total involvement in the sector of electric mobility

Strongly invested in this sector, both with terminal constructors and park operators, it was logical that Odéolis joined Avere-France who ensures the development and promotion of the electric mobility sector.

As an information, exchange and expertise center, Avere-France, gathered together the various players in the electric and hybrid vehicle industry, in the industrial, commercial, institutional and associative sectors: Manufacturers, OEMs, service providers and Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure Distributors and Maintenance Managers, Institutional, Urban Mobility Services, Electric Vehicle Users, ...

AVERE main missions:

  • Communicating the issues and benefits of electric and hybrid rechargeable vehicles,
  • Encourage and promote their acquisition and use,
  • Stimulate and support their deployment in territories and companies.
  • Avere-France is part of the European network AVERE and international WEWA

    Learn more : http://www.avere-france.org

SODETREL - EDF subsidiary - has installed and operated a hundred charging points for electric cars used during the COP21

At SODETREL request, Odéolis has ensured a service delivery with ultra-fast assistance in a wide time range (7h-22h) on the hundred charging points operated by SODETREL in Ile de France and on the COP 21 main site at Le Bourget.

Thus, Odéolis confirms its specific expertise over this type of equipment and its operational ability to respond to short notice requests of transactions & self-service equipments operators