Strongly invested in this sector, both with terminal constructors and park operators, it was logical that Odéolis joined Avere-France who ensures the development and promotion of the electric mobility sector.

As an information, exchange and expertise center, Avere-France, gathered together the various players in the electric and hybrid vehicle industry, in the industrial, commercial, institutional and associative sectors: Manufacturers, OEMs, service providers and Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure Distributors and Maintenance Managers, Institutional, Urban Mobility Services, Electric Vehicle Users, ...

AVERE main missions:

  • Communicating the issues and benefits of electric and hybrid rechargeable vehicles,
  • Encourage and promote their acquisition and use,
  • Stimulate and support their deployment in territories and companies.
  • Avere-France is part of the European network AVERE and international WEWA

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At SODETREL request, Odéolis has ensured a service delivery with ultra-fast assistance in a wide time range (7h-22h) on the hundred charging points operated by SODETREL in Ile de France and on the COP 21 main site at Le Bourget.

Thus, Odéolis confirms its specific expertise over this type of equipment and its operational ability to respond to short notice requests of transactions & self-service equipments operators

DBT, the leading European supplier of rapid charging points for electric vehicles, has been working with Odéolis to expand its After Sales Service.

Their objective is to offer their biggest clients, such as Nissan, a real-time monitoring service for its network of charging stations, and carry out corrective and preventative maintenance as part of its high availability commitment.

With their new tablets, the technicians can access electronic documents and produce incident reports in real time according to the operational modes used by each individual client.

Traceability of interventions and access to client information is faster and more streamlined.

Our Expertise

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