Expert on-site services for enhanced, business performance.


Our culture of responsiveness and excellence is part of our DNA.

Odéolis is an independent French company; our core business is to guarantee seamless operations for your transaction terminals and self-service systems.

Grégoire De la Horie

Our mission is to guarantee the faultless operation of your systems, to stimulate your business growth.

Odéolis works for some of the best-known companies.

Our unique position is the result of 25 years experience providing services for the Française des Jeux.

Today, we work with clients in any sector which has a critical requirement for providing their clients with high system availability.

These clients have chosen us for our fast response speed and performance.

At Odéolis, we're constantly innovating to provide a service that sets us apart: for example, by integrating methods and technologies originally developed for the internet, and the aeronautical industry.

Tell us about your most ambitious availability requirements - the Odéolis team loves a challenge!

Grégoire de La HORIE - Chief Executive Officer

Our exceptional services are based on:

The skills of our highly experienced internal teams.

The high quality of the services we provide and our highly responsive timeframe are only possible thanks to our highly experienced internal teams.

  • Integrated intervention package: technicians, logistics, repair workshops, control centres, expert guidance
  • A wide variety of expertise
  • Continuing professional development
  • End-to-end responsibility
  • Consistent services with a dense network of response teams
  • Pooled interventions and consolidated work schedules


I manage a team of maintenance technicians in the Lyon - St Etienne sector. In order to guarantee optimum responsiveness and the highest possible service standards to our clients, we adjust the planning every day depending on the seriousness of each incident, in line with our commitments.

We work closely with the Service Desk and Logistics departments to ensure effective coordination within our process and continually improve our services.

We are focussed on delivering customer satisfaction, this requires everyone to take responsibility and get fully involved.

Frédéric Macé - Sector Manager - 23 years of experience

Logistical engineering and innovative technology

Our performance depends on an efficient organisation and our unique expertise.

  • Dynamic scheduling of interventions incorporating operating methods and traceability
  • Real-time monitoring of deployed systems for greater responsiveness
  • Regional network of logistics and stocks means that spare parts can be sourced within 3 hours
  • Integrated repair workshops for a shorter repair chain and decreased need for spare parts
  • R&D to decrease breakdowns and enhance the interactivity with your remote systems
  • Continuous improvement; standardised and industrialised processes

An exceptional territory-wide network

Maillage nationnal

The result of our long experience with the Française des Jeux , (the largest network of sales points in France), our regional network is constantly being refined, providing effective coverage for over 75,000 sales points across the country.

Our logistical resources and integrated package give technicians immediate access to the parts and resources they require – and within 3 hours in our client sites.

Our teams operate across Europe, and monitor systems worldwide.

Continuous Improvement Process

Technologies and client needs are constantly evolving.

Our processes include a continuous improvement process, guaranteeing our ability to:

  • Achieve a rapid hand-over period for deployed systems regardless of their homogeneity or complexity
  • Propose and implement optimisation measures throughout the product life cycle of your systems
  • Carry out periodic adjustments to our services in accordance with client requirements
  • Capitalise on experience and take maximum advantage of new innovations

Odéolis in Figures

Odéolis en chiffres

Our exceptional service levels have become a benchmark within the sector


We can commit to availability levels as high as 100%


Over 95% of issues are resolved after the first intervention


Spare parts supplied within 3 hours, throughout France


24/7 system monitoring