Automated Banking

DIEBOLD Inc is an American multinational specialising in self-service transaction systems (ATMs), with operations in 90 countries generating US$2.9 billion in turnover in 2013.

Client challenges

  • Continuity of service is critical for ATM users.
  • The necessity of having a local service partner.
  • Multi-vendor environments (cash registers, PCs, inkjet printers).

Odéolis Services

  • Installation and maintenance services with high availability (from within 5 hours to 1 day).
  • Preventative maintenance and enhancements throughout the territory.
  • Services provided from Monday to Saturday.

Odéolis Added Value

  • Service commitment of 90% to meet time lines.
  • Service restored during initial intervention.
  • 75% of interventions as curative maintenance and 25% as preventative maintenance.
  • Continuity of service guarantee.
  • Repair quality guarantee.
  • On-site interventions and centralised management.
  • Timely management of upgrades across the entire territory.

Our Expertise

Deployment - Commissioning
User Support
Issue Prevention
Change Management
Incident Management


For over 25 years, Odéolis has been providing business support for the most demanding vendors and system suppliers in developing and managing system life cycles for transaction and self-service systems.

Our mission :

Improving your long-term competitiveness by:

  • Guaranteeing user satisfaction
  • Guaranteeing a high availability for your systems
  • Fast-tracking the development of added-value services

Our Strengths:

  • Unique expertise in restoring service within short timeframes,
  • Consistent service quality across the service area,
  • Controlling our own key resources: technicians, technical experts, logistics, repair services.

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