DBT-DEV: Electric vehicle charging stations

DBT-CEV is the European market leader for electric vehicle charging stations, maintaining over 10,000 charging points in 500 locations.

Client testimonial:

« Odéolis specialises in offering fast maintenance support, and has been supporting our operations in France and Europe by monitoring and enhancement services for our quick charging stations, with professional and reliable technical teams. ».

DBT Commercial Director

Client challenges

  • Support a rapid deployment in France and Europe.
  • Delegate monitoring and maintenance at the European level to guarantee continuity of service and high availability in a constrictive environment (power capacity, outdoor environment, etc.).
  • Customer satisfaction and image.

Odéolis Services

  • Deployment/installation of stations.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Real-time system monitoring and corrective maintenance together with a high availability commitment to resolve incidents within1-day.
  • Hardware and software upgrade management.

Odéolis Added Value

  • Design and implementation of an innovative vendor monitoring service.
  • After Sales Service for all stages in the life cycle of technological products.
  • Responsiveness and flexibility. Improvement in station availability.
  • Consistent rapid service (within 24hours) across the entire territory.
  • Set up of a “continuous improvement loop”.
  • Centralised monitoring throughout Europe

Our Expertise

Deployment - Commissioning
User Support
Issue Prevention
Change Management
Incident Management


For over 25 years, Odéolis has been providing business support for the most demanding vendors and system suppliers in developing and managing system life cycles for transaction and self-service systems.

Our mission :

Improving your long-term competitiveness by:

  • Guaranteeing user satisfaction
  • Guaranteeing a high availability for your systems
  • Fast-tracking the development of added-value services

Our Strengths:

  • Unique expertise in restoring service within short timeframes,
  • Consistent service quality across the service area,
  • Controlling our own key resources: technicians, technical experts, logistics, repair services.

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