12,000 sales points and 30,000 installed systems generating 4 million transactions per day.

The 2nd-largest tote betting company in the world, the PMU is an EIG linking 58 companies and generating €9.6bn in bets across a network of 12,000 sales points in mainland France and overseas administrative areas.

Client challenges

  • Provide a service with very high availability to guarantee the 4 million daily transactions.
  • Optimal functioning of 15,000 terminals, 5,400 kiosks and 9,000 printers.
  • Service coverage for 12,200 sales points in mainland France and overseas administrative areas.
  • Technical multi-vendor service provision.

Odéolis Services

  • Commitment to restore service within short timeframes (from within 4 hours to 1 day).
  • Maintaining operational conditions 7 days a week.
  • Printing facility management
  • Commissioning, deployment and change management for several thousand installations every year.
  • Special Event support

Odéolis Added Value

  • Industrial-scale service plan with high availability: 95% availability; 99% of incidents resolved during initial intervention.
  • Consistent quality services across the entire territory: 35,000 interventions/year.
  • Synergies with FDJ.
  • Process of capitalising on previous experience.
  • High levels of satisfaction amongst tobacconists and users.
  • Managing Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Trusted relationship built up over more than 10 years.

Our Expertise

Deployment - Commissioning
User Support
Issue Prevention
Change Management
Incident Management


For over 25 years, Odéolis has been providing business support for the most demanding vendors and system suppliers in developing and managing system life cycles for transaction and self-service systems.

Our mission :

Improving your long-term competitiveness by:

  • Guaranteeing user satisfaction
  • Guaranteeing a high availability for your systems
  • Fast-tracking the development of added-value services

Our Strengths:

  • Unique expertise in restoring service within short timeframes,
  • Consistent service quality across the service area,
  • Controlling our own key resources: technicians, technical experts, logistics, repair services.

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