Over the last 25 years, we have guaranteed the high availability of your systems throughout the product life cycle.


Our unique expertise has been developed from twenty-five years of meeting the extremely demanding needs of the FDJ network and its 30,000 sales points.

This experience, along with our work for many other clients, has led to us develop a unique expertise:

  • Rapid response times ensuring high availability
  • Immediate support for both single and multi-vendor system environments
  • Management of entire product life cycle
  • Innovative monitoring services
  • Sector diagnostics and optimisation strategies
  • Preventative maintenance expertise

Whether your company is a vendor or a system supplier, we will help you implement service options adapted to your business needs, from the time a product is designed until its retirement.



Whatever the size or technical scale of your systems, we will take care of all the necessary installation services: supply, storage, preparation, staging, delivery and installation, within the agreed time lines.


In order to ensure that your teams in the field understand and use the equipment optimally, we'll provide operational support from the initial familiarisation phase.

We'll also establish a Help Desk tailored to the needs of each client, and our teams will be able react quickly to unexpected issues.


Our preventative interventions and traceability measures are designed to guarantee a permanent service level for your equipment while reducing maintenance costs.

Thanks to the remote monitoring modules installed in your equipment, we're able to monitor your systems in real time. Our unique technology means we can act in advance to avoid breakdowns.


When an incident occurs, high responsiveness and a quick turn around time are critical for your clients.

With this in mind, our exceptionally high service standards are based on:

  • Fast diagnostics
  • Technicians always close at hand, through our well-developed network and by geolocating their vehicles.
  • Having the right parts at the right time thanks to a local logistics network
  • Handling unforeseen issues: our technicians are connected in real time to our team of experts for a swift resolution of even the most complex issues
  • Our integrated repair workshop considerably reduces the number of spare parts stored, thereby reducing the cost and time required for your repairs
  • • Our information system provides efficient support across our entire range of processes, and keeps our clients informed of developments in real time

Together, these strengths are your guarantee that your systems will always be available for your clients.


Your systems are designed to remain in use for several years, and once they've been deployed across various regions they need to be kept up to date with technological advances and the changing needs of your client base.
Our expertise allows you to carry out periodic system upgrades for both hardware and software, in order to adapt them to changes in your business.

Our teams are fully prepared to carry out one-off or large-scale site deployments such as:

  • Relocation
  • Hardware and software updates
  • Remodelling of sales points
  • Retrofitting and upgrades
  • • Managing equipment obsolescence

Our expertise and expertise allows us to:

  • Offer you strategies for system improvement all throughout the equipment life cycle
  • Pass on improvements gained from the feedback and innovation
  • Adjust and adapt our services to your evolving business needs

Effective management of system life cycles should factor in the requirements for system retirement and product recycling, as well as the client's sustainable development commitments.

Odéolis,handles this phase by managing removal, packing, transport, repurposing, destruction or reprocessing and recycling of your systems.

Our methods are fully compliant with the latest IEEE standards.


Our experts carry out work on thousands of complex technological items every day.

That's why the quality of our technical feedback is second to none, and we can work upstream with your R&D or engineering teams.

Are you constantly looking for ways to optimise the performance of your systems while reducing manufacturing and maintenance costs?

Our in-depth knowledge of onsite equipment functionality enables us to regularly offer you technical and procedural improvements.

And the fact that we're involved in every stage of the product life cycle means we're constantly envisaging new features that increase interactivity and improve efficiency along the entire value chain. Our error detection systems are essential to the client’s ability to respond quickly to issues or potential malfunctions, especially where stand-alone self-service equipment (with no human operator present) is concerned.

Our exceptional service levels have become a benchmark within the sector


We can commit to availability levels as high as 100%


Over 95% of issues are resolved after the first intervention


Spare parts supplied within 3 hours, throughout France


24/7 system monitoring