Develop sales, increase profitability and improve productivity.


As vendors or system suppliers, your core business is to supply cutting edge systems and services that deliver high quality performance at competitive prices.

Odéolis has spent years perfecting its role as a service partner for just these kinds of businesses, helping companies to develop their range of services.

  • Quality and continuity of service for all your deployed systems
  • Cost visibility and management
  • Flexible and adaptable services
  • Innovative Services

…to improve the experience of your users.

Challenge n°1: Boosting sales

How can you boost sales in the midst of an economic downturn?

What if you were to rethink your objectives, and go beyond manufacturing and operational concerns to consider how your tools can improve the experience of end-users?

Innovation can be about more than just technological advances: it can also cover the range of support services for your systems.

These services should aim to make life easier for your clients, improving user experience and meeting operational needs that may have been overlooked when using the product in question. In short, developing a dual-pronged service that covers both products and services may give you a decisive competitive advantage.

Odéolis is ready to support you in designing and deploying tailored services. Our dual expertise in both the broader industry and your specific sector, guarantees you an on-site support service and enhanced satisfaction for your clients providing a sound base for your company's development.

Challenge n°2: Improving profitability rapidly

Do you consider maintenance to be just another cost item?

What if equipment life cycle management was actually what allowed your company to generate significant improvements in profitability, both in the short, medium and long-term?

Consider the financial impact of increased availability, reduced maintenance costs under operating conditions, as well as the fastest possible product upgrades, including high added-value services for your clients.

Odéolois’ entire service is designed to reduce costs and gain efficiency improvements:

  • pooled technical teams and logistical resources, guarantee interventions and the repair of spare parts within short timeframes,
  • wide-ranging technical and monitoring expertise to anticipate incidents or issues, thereby ensuring service restoration after the first intervention.

Challenge n°3: Generate new productivity gains

How can you manufacture equipment with greater reliability whilst minimising costs?

What if you were able to integrate feedback from ground operatives, from the design and production phases, in order to improve learning and excellence curves?

The most successful companies set up tight "learning loops".

How can you manufacture systems with greater reliability whilst minimising costs?

The objective is for engineering departments to improve the functional maintenance and reliability of the products by early integration of feedback from ground operatives.

Their technical teams are pro-active in managing change and incidents, thanks to collaboration with monitoring services.

Their highly receptive sales teams, meanwhile, are able to identify any new development opportunities by listening to client needs.
Here at Odéolis, we manage every stage of your system product life cycle. We'll provide guidance and support for your sales and technical teams, giving them the means to transform your business model and deliver significant productivity gains.